Wortman Lung Cancer Foundation nonprofit engages communities about lung cancer research, pulmonary research, and lung cancer stigma. The foundation also sponsors running lungs races and events to build lung health awareness.

Together we can
save Lungs, SAve Lives
& break stigma

Lung Cancer kills more women & men annually than colon, breast, and prostate cancer combined. 40% are non-smokers. 20% never smoked.

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Not just a smoker's disease.

Every 2.5 minutes, another person is diagnosed with Lung Cancer. 20% never smoked. 40% are non-smokers. The numbers are pretty surprising.

But there is hope.

Linda Wortman, a healthy never-smoker, was shockingly diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2008. After successful emergency surgery at Mayo Clinic, Linda battled through, and now is on a mission to break the stigma that Lung Cancer is only for smokers, while increasing awareness thru Running Lungs events to raise desperately needed research funds for lung cancer. With most of her left lung missing, Linda completed a 5k race in all 50 states, completed a 10K race on four continents, and summited Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa and 4th tallest peak in the world.

Most recently, Linda and Jerry co-founded Wortman Lung Cancer Foundation 501(c)(3) and Running Lungs Run/Walk events. As oncologists and donors point out, low funding levels for lung cancer are a negative cycle that results in fewer scientist focusing on needed solutions. Lung cancer is the least-researched major cancer due to unfair stigma.

It's time to blow lung cancer away.


6 Ways to Make a Difference

1. Longitudinal Lung Health Project

Together, our goal is to better understand the link between environment, lifestyle and genetics on lung health to accelerate research, eduction and prevention of lung disease.

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2. #First2Burst Challenge

Record a video of yourself bursting a balloon by blowing it up too far. Test your lungs and have fun. Post the video to social media and nominate someone else to do the same or donate to end Lung Cancer. Use hashtag #FIRST2BURST

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3. Races & Events 

After Linda Wortman was diagnosed with lung cancer, her goal to run a 5K in all 50 states to raise awareness and research funding. She did. Now Running Lungs events are hosted around the country.

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4. Learn

Did you know that your lungs have the surface area of a tennis court? Do you know the common warning signs to look for with lung cancer? And do you know the most common risk factors?

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5. Connect

Learn about ways to connect with others and spread the facts about lung cancer.

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6. Donate

Lung cancer is the #1 overall cancer killer but is among the least researched. Together, we can support research and save lives.

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