The #FIRST2BURST Lung Challenge is a fun way to engage, spread the word, show off your
lung-power, and track your progress.

Anyone can do it. And, it’s fun! 

The general idea is to video yourself blowing up a balloon as fast as you can, burst it in any way you’d like, then share it on your social channels.


what you'll need:

Name of an individual to challenge:Oh go ahead challenge anyone, or create teams at schools, offices, sports, or person-to-person, families-to-families…you get the idea. Ask them to test their lung health using their breath…it’s for a great cause.

Balloons - any color or any size:You may want to order packets of 20 Balloons with our important information and have a #FIRST2BURSTLung Health Challenge Party. 

Video Camera on your smart phone:A space where you can video the challenge, ideally with a party-like atmosphere - this includes children of all ages.


How it works:

Step 1. Decide

Decide to take the #FIRST2BURSTchallenge. Post your video, and nominate another person via social media. If you want to take the challenge, or more importantly, if you want to donate to the cause, just go for it!

Step 2. Accept

Accept the challenge if you are nominated.

Step 3. Respond

  1. Gather your suppliesbefore you shoot your video. Balloons of any color or size will work. However, we do not recommend Hot Air Balloons for this Challenge! 
  2. Blow up a balloonas fast as you can, and burst it in any way that you can!
  3. Burst the balloonsit on it, poke it, pinch it, just burst it!   Be as creative as you want, but remember, we are not responsible for silly or serious self-inflicted balloon injuries. If you feel dizzy, or unsafe, STOP!
  4. Add a message,but keep your message short and sweet:   
  • State your name, the name of the person who challenged you (if you were challenged), and the name of the person you are challenging to take the #FIRST2BURSTLung Challenge with you.
  • Say something like: “I accept the FIRST2BURST Lung Challenge, and I’m blowing up this balloon and bursting it to raise awareness and desperately needed funds for lung cancer and lung health research and to burst the unfair stigma associated with lung cancer.” 
  • OR, If you have a personal story to share, you can reflection the impact lung disease / lung cancer has had on you.
  • OR, you can share the lung fun-facts you have learned from our web site.
  • Just remember to be brief and to the point.
  • Don’t forget, that in addition to blowing up & bursting a balloon, you can share that you are simply donating money to WortmanLungCancerFoundation.com and the Lung Health Challenge.



Helpful Tips & Notes:

  1. Have Fun!And be responsible too.
  2. Burstthe balloon any way you’d like. 
  3. Uploadyour video onto social media.  The WortmanLungCancerFoundation.com, the MYBREATH App, and The Longitudinal Lung Health Research Study suggest using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. 
  4. Use hashtag #FIRST2BURST.The point of this virtual campaign is to encourage lung health and lung cancer awareness and prevention. Tag your video and social posts with #FIRST2BURST.
  5. After you take the challenge, we encourage you to continue to spread the word with additional social media posts or videos about Lung Health and Lung Cancer Awareness.  

Alternative Option to Participate:

If you are afraid of the loud “bang” noise, we understand! This can be avoided by simply writing a check for any amount to WortmanLungCancerFoundation.com --  Donations will support research and create awareness about lung health and lung cancer to “Save Lungs & Lives”! 


Participants assume all responsibility when blowing up and bursting balloons for this challenge for this great cause. We appreciate what you are doing, but only you can be the judge of your fitness and health to participate. Please partake in the FIRST2BURST lung challenge responsibly and STOP if you feel dizzy.