Lung cancer is the #1 overall cancer killer but is among the least researched. Together, we can support research and save lives.

Longitudinal Healthy Lungs Research Project

In coordination with Bruce Johnson, Ph.D., of Mayo Clinic, the Wortman Foundation is developing a Lung Health Study that will be rolled out in several phases.

The purpose of the studyis to engage communities and participants of all ages in order to enhance education about lung health, lung cancer, and pulmonary research — while investigating, in a fun and educational way, the influence of genetics and environment on the change in lung function as we age.

The healthy lungs research study project will use some of the devices we wore in the Kili Heart Climb, plus a growing list of new and developing technologies such as the MyBreath app by Breath Research (see column on the right).

Anyone can participatevirtually or in person, at a Running Lungs 5k or 10K Walk Run Or Climb held across the U.S. 

Wortman Lung Cancer Foundationis a 501(c)(3) nonprofitfocused on sponsoring Running Lungs races and events to build lung health awareness.

More research information coming soon.
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Why is a public lung research project so important?

Linda and Jerry run to fight the unfair stigma associated with lung cancer. Everyone knows people shouldn’t smoke, but any blame or stigma attached to lung cancer needs to disappear. Shockingly, Linda was required to attend Nicotine Rehab, even though she never smoked. Her life insurance was cancelled and was told “You should be dead!” 

As oncologists and funders point out, low funding levels for lung cancer research create a negative cycle that leads to fewer scientist getting on the case. This must be changed!

We approached Dr. Bruce Johnson to provide a research arm to Running Lungs events, providing a unique opportunity to create a database of participants from various locations, ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles to better understand lung health and lung cancer.


Mayo Clinic researchers are focusing on desperately needed Lung Cancer funding and research.


Download MyBreath App

MyBreath research app uses cutting edge breath acoustic technology to give you new data about your breathing that is vital for health, fitness and performance. Use with a standard mobile headset.

Other features include:

  • Real time audio and visual feedback along with the air quality and altitude of your location
  • Breathing assessments and scores and the opportunity to be part of the Longitudinal Lung Health Study remotely.
  • A personal breath coach and tracking feature (feature coming July 2017).


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